Thursday, October 19, 2006

Data Center Outsourcing

Just a quick link to a story I liked on staffing a data center. I struggle with non-business hours staffing and find it a hard one to fill and manage. The article mentions Lee Technologies. I spoke with Lee Technologies at Data Center World and found them to be a pretty interesting company. I like the fact that they quickly place personnel to manage your infrastructure and if they don't work out you simply tell them and they pull the individual immediately. The company does many other cool things as well and have an impressive client list.

The links:

Lee Technologies article

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Anonymous said...

We grew to the 4/24-10/3 size about 5 years ago, and the 7/24 size about 2 years ago. Finding night shift for weeknights or day shift for weekends has NEVER been a problem for us. The hard one has always been weekend overnights. That is the toughest slot to find anyone to work.