Thursday, May 17, 2007

Invisible Traffic

I think I need to have a second job for Network World or Cnet or something -- I would LOVE to just play with all of these technologies I read about and see what they can do. How fun would it be to have an enormous lab and test network and then get products from software companies to play, I mean test out.

I've always been intrigued about the WildPackets software. A few days back they announced a new analysis tool to help optimize 'invisible traffic' among virtual servers. It's included in the latest OmniAnalysis platform and helps in troubleshooting, forensics, security and compliance.

Data center personnel are frustrated by the problem of invisible traffic in virtual environments, explained Mahboud Zabetian, President and CEO of WildPackets. Virtualization offers tremendous benefits in the areas of cost savings and other efficiencies. But it creates new challenges for anyone who needs to analyze network traffic in order to fix a bug, troubleshoot a performance problem, and fine-tune a server configuration. Traffic among virtual servers doesnt cross over a network segment where it can be easily captured.

Check out more information and the press release here

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