Thursday, August 21, 2008

Microsoft Data Center Coming To West Des Moines

I just finished watching the official announcement from Microsoft - saying that the new (~$500 million) data center will be in West Des Moines. The location cited, is just down the road from a new $300 million campus that Wells Fargo built. It is a large plot of land with plenty of room for expansion or other potential uses for renewable energy sources. I also noted that the location is near the railroad -- to, oh I don't know.....bring in containers! The red tape was rolled out as Senators, the Governor and Mayor were all at the announcement. Michael Manos from Microsoft was there as well.

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As DatacenterKnowledge points out, Iowa has had a lot of data center activity recently, and I certainly think there is more to come. A source of mine indicates that there is another big player bringing a data center to Iowa, more North and East from where Microsoft is at - but I couldn't squeeze any more details out of him (but I'm still trying).


Anonymous said...

This thing is in an area that is going to be reviewed for flooding concerns and could end up in a 500 or 100 year flood plain. The entire area surrrounding it flooded a few months back and it wasn't supposed to. Should be interesting. I think they picked that site cause no one else will build there cause of the floodingl Perfect for Turbines. Who cares if they get a little water a few feet up.

Anonymous said...

That area did NOT flood during the June flooding.

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously think that any large company, much less microsoft, wouldn't investigate this as part of their site selection process. And this area is nowhere near the 100 or 500 year flood plain elevations.