Friday, March 18, 2011

Hey Verizon - Build Your Data Center In Iowa!

Recently a series of events prompted Verizon to pull out of plans to build a 900,000 square foot data center near Buffalo, New York. In the spirit of a few years back when people were cheerleading to have Google or Microsoft build a mega data center in their city or state, I would like to make the offer to Verizon -- Iowa would LOVE to have you build your data center here!!

There are a number of reasons why Iowa is the perfect place to build your data center. Here are a few highlights:
  1. Tax incentives: Talk to Microsoft and Google first - they can explain the wonderfully accommodating business environment they encountered when building data centers here.
  2. Inexpensive power - one of the best states for power costs. EAI - Average Price of Electricity.
  3. Cost of doing business is a major consideration for a company when selecting a state -- I submit to you the #1 pick for 2010 -- Iowa.
  4. The Iowa Department of Economic Development has a wonderful site to assist with any and all needs in locating here. There is even an online tool you can use to build a report comparing Iowa against any other state in a number of categories.
  5. All nine of Iowa's largest communities ranked on the Forbes Best Places for Business list.
  6. Iowa has a very low risk for natural disasters.
  7. Iowa is a very progressive state for a variety of renewable energy types.
  8. Iowa has a nationally recognized education program.
  9. Did I mention incredibly inexpensive power?!
  10. If you were considering New York or Wyoming, Iowa is the perfect compromise:
For my final plea - I would like to offer my complete consulting services (for free) on site selection within the state. I have a number of ideas on where the perfect location will be and can help you get in touch with city and state government officials to talk about incentives and power companies to discuss requirements.

If it's not too late -- Please consider Iowa as the perfect place to build your new data center.

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Yanni said...

Iowa does seem like a good place to build a DataCenter. I wonder why they went with Buffalo? Doesn't make sense to me...