Saturday, April 19, 2008

Book Reviews

One thing that I simply MUST make more time for in 2008 is reading. My schedule is pretty hectic and what little free time I have seems to go to my web surfing addiction. :) My wife was reading a book recently and could not stop laughing. She shared many quotes from the book and it is now top of my list to quickly get through. It is Dave Barry's History of the Millenium (so far). As an example of Dave's brilliance (something an anti-Yankee fan can appreciate) - here is a quote from the book:

"... the Boston Red Sox, ending an eighty-six year drought, defeat the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series, defying exit polls that had overwhelmingly picked the Green Bay Packers. The Red Sox get into the Series thanks to the fact that the New York Yankees - who were leading the American League championships three games to none, and have all-stars at every position, not to mention a payroll larger than the gross national product of Sweden - chose that particular time to execute the most spectacular choke in all of sports history, an unbelievable Gag-o-Rama, a noxious nosedive, a pathetic gut-check failure of such epic dimensions that every thinking human outside of the New York metropolitan area experienced a near orgasmic level of happiness. But there is no need to rub it in."

The entire book is full of quips like this and is an awesome book

The book I am currently reading -- and waaaaaay behind on, is Nicholas Carr's The Big Switch. I know, I am a few months behind the hoopla on this book. I was one of the fortunate ones that read his blog post in time to get one of the free copies! Once every one else had their reviews out within a few weeks later, I knew I would have to take the approach that I'll make my review.....ummm....unique, yeah that's it. It will be unique because it is months later and will give his book some press months after it has been released. :) Well -- I 'have' started it and it is certainly living up to the accolades it has received so far. I'll finish it up when possible and post a review here.

BTW - Nicholas has an e-book over at titled "IT in 2018: From Turing's Machine to the Computing Cloud". Check it out!

As a means to help me reach my goal of reading the pile of books I have building up, I've added the Amazon widget to the blog and will put my recommendations/favorites as I am able.

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