Monday, February 09, 2009

Cisco News and Tweets

I need to work on my tweets. I read so many tweets that I forget to write some myself! Cisco is a company that really gets the power of Twitter. Many moons ago I thought Twitter was pretty silly. I imagine others did as well. It has evolved though, and is now thought by many to be a truly valuable tool in the social web arsenal.

Although Cisco's CTO Padmasree has more followers - my favorite is still Douglas Gourlay. With only 4,493 followers to catch her, I'm sure he'll have no problem. :)

Cicso news abounds recently ; here are the items I found interesting:
  • Data Center CEO Kevin Smith discusses pioneering data center energy management with Cisco EngergyWise. I think it will be really interesting to get some case studies of data centers using EnergyWise and see how it has helped them.
  • Cisco powers the first 4G network in Moscow. I don't follow WiMAX as much as I would like to, but it is pretty interesting technology. "Cisco is providing Scartel with optical transport based on DWDM, a high-speed IP MPLS data network and data centre technologies designed to support high-quality video distribution. The network was designed to support the heavy traffic loads required of Scartel's network while offering an economical solution."
  • Seeking Alpha has an interesting article about potential acquisitions for Cisco. I've always wondered about Riverbed. I really like what I have seen and read about their products, but I think they enjoy going up against Cisco and have huge potential on their own.

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