Tuesday, October 17, 2006

DC in a Box

The press was all over Sun's "data center in a box" announcement. Here is a quick run down:
Data Center Knowledge
Seattle Pi
Information Week

I won't link NY Times because I absolutely hate their free user login stuff.

I really don't get this play by Sun. I suppose I can see a few applications like the oil rig in the middle of the ocean and others where a quick drop of massive computing power might help. Overall though I just don't see people biting on this. If you want quick computing power and don't want to build your own facility -- OUTSOURCE to a colo! They have the facility covered and some quick financing with your vendor of choice(s) .... not 'just' Sun and you are off and running.

I also don't understand the "park the container in the parking garage" mentality. Who has fiber run to their parking spot?! Another thing I found interesting is that there wasn't mention of using it as a disaster recovery possibility? Sell it without the Sun servers and let companies quickly rent/lease one when it is needed for DR.

I like Sun Servers....I like the whole energy efficiency thing...I'm just not sold on this idea.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. It is an easy sell for DR, but an odd one for standard deployment.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I am curious to see your opinion of APC's more mobile version in comparison to Sun's Project Blackbox.

John said...

I like APC's DC on wheels. I think it is a good disaster recovery tool and good for a set number of things. Sun seems to be taking the "in a box" approach which is just more annoying than anything.

The main thing (to me) in either case is you need a reliable source of power and bandwidth to do much with it for a period of time. If someone needs computing power it seems it would be more cost effective to just start with a colo facility and focus on your own business.

If I was to suggest a mobile data center I think APC would be an excellent choice -- they make the reliability equipment, so why not trust them to make a good mobile data center.