Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 Predictions

As promised, here are my 2008 Predictions. I don't think my predictions from last year (fiber to the home) came true at all -- as I visit my in-laws who can't even get a cable-modem or DSL in their new neighborhood (yet). goes:

1. As I have eluded to in the past, I am a big fan of utility computing. It does receive a fair amount of hype, but I can see the true potential in it and why people will start to see the light in coming years. Events that 365 Main and Rackspace encountered in 2007 helped paint the picture for web sites that only had a single hosting presence to wake up and take a more serious look at utility computing. Amazon EC2, S3, 3Tera and Joyent are pretty cool and worth a look for most anyone. I think the tools to measure, monitor and deploy utility computing will definitely grow in the enterprise realm, now that the internet sites/companies have pioneered so much. The growth of utility computing and enterprise interest should also help along the WAN accelerations and optimization industries as well. BTW--there was an interesting response to Intel's question about what emerging trends are in compute models - check it out here.

2. 2008 will see the hype phrase "Software as a Service" finally fizzle. There's no rocket science here people - get over the warm-fuzzy terminology.

3. Green/New Energy sources will continue to be big news in 2008 (big stretch here, huh?). Only two things I'll offer here.... the first, is to take a look at the Kleiner Perkins (Venture Capital firm) list of greentech companies they are funding --- here. I listend to Tom Perkins on the Venture Voice podcast recently -- what an interesting and amazing person! The second item is wind; Kansas took recent headlines , but it will continue to grow as a new energy source in 2008. There was an interesting story in Sunday's Des Moines Register about the wind industry in Iowa....some interesting stats and stories to see how the industry is growing here.

4. With the data center industry booming, I think 2008 will see more data center related services come out. I.E.- this article

5. Companies to watch / will be acquired? Akamai (an established company, but they will be doing exciting things), Riverbed , Savvis , Platespin , 3tera , and Joyent

6. Political ads will continue to be skipped on my Tivo . Living in Iowa means the privilege of having the first caucus, but the trade is enduring 24x7 ads on TV from the candidates. Maybe after the caucuses are over the ads will take a break until next fall.

7. Death to the RIAA in 2008 -- Alleluia!!

8. Here is my shot in the dark prediction -- at least 1 large acquisition will take place in 2008 in the Colocation or CDN industry. There has been a lot of activity here and some quality players; I think the market has hit a spot that something big will happen next year.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Dear Lord, I've been asked to thank Thee for the Christmas turkey before us, a turkey which was no doubt a lively, intelligent bird, a social being capable of actual affection. Anyway, it's dead and we're gonna eat it.
-- Berke Breathed
(as seen in Forbes Magazine)

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and prosperous 2008!!

I will be attempting some technology and data center predicitions, just as soon as I am done reading what everyone else has predicted, so I can pick the good ones and make them my prediction as well. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sun BlackBox in Australia

It seems like the Sun BlackBox has arrived in Australia.

Check out Tom Worthington's post/review of it here

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chicago Data Center Market

As a follow-up to a comment I made in my last post -- Chicago is a RED hot market for data centers. ZDNet has an article "Bragging Rights: Chicago as green data center powerhouse".

It mostly talks about the new Microsoft data center, but lists the reasons why they chose Chicago. It seems like the hot area has shifted -- it was Texas, is now Chicago, and who knows where is next! Hopefully Chicago will not become as over-crowded as Texas is now.

MLB and Orbitz Case Studies

Network World is probably in the top 3 for my favorite magazines and web sites to visit. They really do a good job of capturing the news, but also delivering some good interviews that demonstrate real world use of the technologies they cover. Two particular stories caught my attention recently that I enjoyed:

The first was a story of Major League Baseball Advanced Media -- I visit and frequently. The article interviews Ryan Nelson, director of operations for MLB Advanced Media. MLB uses Joyent services to 'dial-up' and 'dial-down' their use of servers and compute power based on the seasonal load and needs. I had heard of Joyent before, but never really looked into them. It's a pretty cool service, and seeing how uses their service helps solidify the concept. Yes, it's another company jumping on the "cloud computing" bandwagon, but they offer some pretty innovative solutions, coupled with some cool Sun hardware and technologies. I had a brief introduction to Sun virtualization technology at the Blackbox event earlier this year, but if you haven't checked Solaris Zones it is worth a look. MLB has data centers in New York and Chicago, and thanks to the infrastructure they have setup they can move utilization between centers (for upgrades and such) on the fly. It sounds like Ryan Nelson has a pretty cool job playing around with this infrastructure and new technology. Check out this interview/article here

The second article (thanks for the link Ben) from Network World is about travel web site Orbitz. Like everyone else in the industry, Orbitz is trying to go green -- or as CIO Bahman Koohestani put it, "taking his IT operations carbon neutral". One thing that I liked about Orbitz (in this article) is that they know how much energy they use, monitor their use on a daily basis, and they know how much cooling they use for various parts of their operations. Going green is great, but keeping very close tabs on energy use and mining the data is even better (in my opinion). Orbitz has two large data centers in the Chicago area and Koohestani touts it as an excellent place to locate data centers. Chicago is RED hot now days for data centers. Like other stories we have seen about company strategies -- Orbitz is slashing the number of servers used, and consolidating data center operations world wide. The article has all of the details about how they are greening its IT operations.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Renewable Energy Capital of America

Continuing the push for Iowa as an ideal place to locate business, Governor Chet Culver announced that Iowa was the "renewable energy capital of America". Playing off the attention Iowa gets for political caucusing Culver encouraged campaign staff and media to rethink what they knew about Iowa.

Culver went on to list some of the statistics to back up the renewable energy claim:
  • Iowa ranks #1 in ethanol production, #2 in biodiesel production and #3 in wind energy production
  • In 2006, Iowa alone accounted for over 30 percent of U.S. ethanol production and 25 percent of U.S. biodiesel production.
  • Iowa is over 1,000 wind turbines which create almost 1,000 megawatts of energy, generating enough power to service 250,000 homes.
  • The $500 million Iowa Values Fund and the new $100 million renewable energy research and development initiative called the Iowa Power Fund offer businesses the tools and financial resources they need to be successful. Administered through our state Department of Economic Development, these funds provide tax credits, incentives, loans and regulatory assistance to foster business development and job creation.
Check out the complete press release here

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mission Critical Magazine

As an information junkie I tend to visit a lot of web sites and read a lot of blogs. I also frequent a lot of tech industry magazines. A new magazine has come out that I will be adding to my list - Mission Critical Magazine. I have only had a short time to check out the site, but what I have seen so far is really good.

On their home page is a link to Chris Crosby's presentation on 5 Data Center myths. I attended this session at Gartner's Data Center Conference and really enjoyed it. At the conference there was a nice follow-up presentation of a case study that Digital Realty Trust implemented. Chris described their POD Architecture and Gating Process and how it was applied to the customer requirements.

Check out Mission Critical Magazine!

International Site Selection

When I did my site selection white paper back in October, I limited it to the United States. Adam Trujilo over at has a nice write-up on some of the international studies done on site selection as well as references to recent data center activities abroad.

Check it out here

Monday, December 03, 2007

Security in Ten Years

Just a quick link to an interesting post where security guru Bruce Schneier has a conversation with Marcus Ranum.

The conversation with appear in Information Security Magazine this month. While there is nothing earth-shattering in the conversation, it is a good read.

Check it out here

Also check out the SANS Top 20 2007 Security Risks