Sunday, January 21, 2007

CW article on DC Energy Costs

I wanted to link to a very good Opinion article over at Computer World. Steve Duplessie, from ESG writes about about power, cooling, air flow, standards and other Data Center related topics. Although everyone is writing on cooling and 'green' computing now days, I really liked his article. Here is the paragraph that stood out for me (not sure what I think about it, but here it is):

"Fellow ESG employee Brian Garrett spent time in a double secret co-location facility in Canada a while back, which was one of the first I’d heard of to charge clients based exclusively on power consumption, with no regard to footprint. As a matter of fact, they encouraged their clients to spread out; leave open rack space, etc., so that they could best manage the cooling of the facility. That’s when I knew this stuff really mattered. "

Here is the link to the Computer World article:
Opinion: Take an ax to your energy costs

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