Friday, May 25, 2007

Links Catch-up

I've been pretty busy lately and not able to post many things on the blog. Well, as a result there was certainly a lot to catch up on. Here a number of links, notes and other items that I've been able to catch up on tonight:

  • Plexus Systems, providers of the on-demand manufacturing performance system Plexus Online, announced a DR site; partnering with Netriplex in Asheville, N.C.
  • An interesting post with some history of the making of data center management software company Racemi.
  • Here is a nice slide show of the results of the Stanford University Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity May 2007 Survey.
  • ITIL adoption in the data center is still low, but interest high as discussed in this Eweek article. This is really too bad -- perhaps some of those human errors mentioned a few bullet points back could be eliminated through ITIL implemented procedures! As a side note, I recently came across a new IT Service Management software company that I am checking out: Lontra.

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