Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Google in Iowa - news roundup

I'll say it again -- I'm ecstatic that Google is coming to Iowa!! The buzz is all around at work and otherwise and everyone is incredibly excited that Google selected an Iowa site to build.

The press releases and news articles are starting to blur, so here is a round-up of the announcement:

Primary Des Moines Register article



Unknown said...

Just curious what you think the staffing will be like for Google. UoI is a good bit away, will they be importing staff in specially or is there a big pool of talent in nearby Omaha?

John said...

It looks like several things have been done to get staffing going. Google officials met with University of Nebraska staff a little while back. Google now has online job postings for Council Bluffs as well. Iowa State is the largest/best computer science department in the state (and Ames was listed as a top DC spot to build).

I'm not sure exactly what they will do - but myself and many co-workers and fellow geeks are keeping a close eye on things in the state to see what they do. I'll (of course) post anything I find here.