Wednesday, August 22, 2007


On the 'Grid' website there is an article on Data Synapse and the growing trend of jumping on the virtualization band-wagon. They now consider themselves the fastest growing application virtualization vendor.

I personally like the term grid (for them) better, but I can see a fit with virtualization as well.

"We're actually a lot like VMware in the problem we're solving," said Bernardin. But instead of creating virtual machines, DataSynapse creates "application instances" to maximize application performance, decoupling applications from underlying resources to improve scalability and resilience and set priorities.

"That requires an underlying platform, such as a grid," said Bernardin, who calls grid technology a "precursor" to such advanced functionality.

They expect 50% sales growth this year and a potential IPO next year! I ran across them last year and really like their product offerings. I spoke with a partner rep at the company because I have an idea for a product offering of my own that would incorporate their product. Their GridServer and FabricServer products are extremely cool and worth a look.

I would 'almost' venture to say that they are a good target for merger/acquisition. Perhaps the IPO is a backup plan. Adding/acquiring something like 3Tera's Applogic might be a nice complement....?

Check out the article here

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Bert said...

I think comparing themselves to VMware discounts the value of their system. Clearly virtualization is in vogue right now and there's a desire among many marketeers to ride the wave. However, users are struggling to understand the differences between offerings and when to use them.

Whether you use the term grid, as you suggest, or utility or on-demand, we at 3tera and DataSynapse are solving a higher level problem than traditional virtualization. Instead carving something up, we aggregate large numbers of elements and allow users to instantiate and operate them as one.