Friday, September 21, 2007

Data Center Consolidation

As if we needed further proof that data center consolidations are top of the to-do list for IT departments....

CIO Today has a nice article where they surveyed 29 state CIO's and 80% had developed, proposed or had a consolidation plan in progress. As with the last's interesting to gain some insight to how other organizations have their IT structured. Perhaps a little scary in the case of some of the stories in this article. :)

Check out the article here

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Anonymous said...

Last week the President of my company announced a huge plan that would change management for the IT team and told us that we needed much stronger database administration. I actually couldn’t have agreed more with him. Or ex Director was anit-automation and I knew that stance could only ride out for so long.

Now with a new Director coming in the word is that we will be diving right into data center automation which will greatly improve the way our network is able to process workflow. I’m hoping we start with a little RBA to lay the groundwork for our new approach. I’m also looking forward to working with new database tools as well. I’ve seen the technology used elsewhere and I can’t wait to get my hands on it here too. How sweet it will be to work on projects that don’t involve creating patch after patch!