Monday, October 29, 2007

The HD Web

A short while back I explained what a cool company Akamai was. Back in February of this year I made my prediction for 2007. Well, Akamai continues to blow me away, and I think the prediction was perhaps a little ahead of the market (hey Verizon, how long until I get FiOS?!!)

I forget where I ran across it, but Akamai has a new web site to showcase High Definition video capabilities through their network. It really is pretty amazing, and gets me excited for watching HD over the internet (as soon as the fiber comes to my house).

Check out their site here and cool explanation of it all here.

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tomo said...


Check out BitGravity,

They have been hosting HD content for at least 12 months. Files are files and HD files happen to be much larger than images. Bitgravity has built their infrastructure to be optimized for the biggest files.

I think you'll be impressed with them. No, I don't work there :)