Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gartner - BCP Session

Yesterday I attended an informative session on Business Continuity Planning. I loved their definition of Business Continuity Management -- because it encompasses SO much that people tend to forget about. Their organization groups under BCP were:
  1. Business Recovery
  2. Contingency Planning
  3. Business Operations
  4. Information Security Management
  5. Pandemic Planning
  6. Crisis Management (very important one with lots of sub components)
  7. Damage Assesment
  8. IT Disaster Recovery
Here are a couple of polls that were taken of the attendees in the session.

Question: Do you have a business continuity Management Office?
1. Yes: 55% 2. No: 44$ 3. Don't Know: 1%

If you have a BCM office, where does it fit within the organization?
  1. CFO (11%)
  2. CIO (26%)
  3. CISO (10%)
  4. COO (17%)
  5. CRO (Chief Risk Officer): 17%
  6. Don't Know (6%)
  7. Other (13%)
BTW: Having it in the COO office is the ideal according to Gartner. have heard me tout ITIL before and it looks like I need to catch up on ITIL v3. Version 3 includes continuity management guidelines.

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