Thursday, January 17, 2008

Google Visit

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Peter and Noah from Google for stopping by our Linux User Group last night. We had an awesome turn-out -- go figure, mention Google and free pizza!

They mentioned that the next 3 Google data centers will be located in...... just kidding - they did an excellent job of not disclosing anything they shouldn't. They did describe the systems administrator job and the tools they use to support the hardware techs that are deploying and fixing the thousands of servers in the data center. They confirmed that Google is indeed a seriously cool place to work and that most all of the software used is home-grown.

Google is getting serious about hiring for the Council Bluffs data center and I think a lot of applications will be filled out from the group attending last night.

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Anonymous said...


I'm a reporter at Federal Times newspaper, and I'm working on a story today on an upcoming study regarding federal government data centers and projected savings from adopting energy efficient technologies. I'd like an objective analysis of the study. My deadline is today (Jan. 17). Can you call me? 703-750-8664.