Monday, August 18, 2008

Data Centers in Iowa

The Des Moines Register ran an article yesterday about the growing trend of data centers coming to Iowa. There isn't (unfortunately) any new news in this article..... it is just a re-cap of why Iowa is so popular. Iowa being popular and a logical place for data centers is nothing new to me -- but it is nice to see the attention it is getting lately. The article discusses new facilities in the state from Google, Microsoft and TEAM Companies.

The usual factors are listed for why Iowa is ideal: Low costs, green energy, skilled labor, and rich tax incentives. There is a hint in the article that Microsoft will locate in West Des Moines, but I personally still think it is up for grabs exactly where in Des Moines they will land.

Check out the article here.


Unknown said...

I have heard mention that there is a new "data farm" being built in Indianola? Have you heard anything about this?

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John said...


Thanks for the comment!
I have heard of the Indianola news:

I think it will just be a Des Moines Insurance company locating a data center there though (that narrows it down to about 2000 possibilities). I don't think it will be Microsoft -- my bet is still on Urbandale for them.