Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Data Center Statistics

A lot of people reference statistics this time of year. Many will cite Tier1, Forrester, or Gartner...... me; I'll cite the only thing I have access to: Google. Google Zeitgeist is always interesting to look at and is usually a pretty good indication of what happened throughout the year. Here are some other random statistics that pretty much speak for themselves. Meaningful? Maybe. Maybe not.

First - the "data center" vs. "data centre" in Google Trends (shows a trend of how often the term is searched in Google).
Next - Google and Microsoft data center projects were both big 2008 stories; here is how they compared in Google Trends:
Proof that Google has ALL of our personal search data, they have at least let us look into the aggregated data with Google Insight for Search. For instance, here is the chart and data for the category of "networking equipment" -- showing that 'cisco', 'router', and 'wireless' were the top 3 search terms in that category.

An Insight search for the term "data center" shows that Pakistan, India and Singapore are searching for that term the most. Equally interesting is the data for just the U.S. that shows top regional interest for "data center" coming from South Dakota!

Finally - here is a look at Equinix, Savvis and Terremark in 2008 U.S. Web search Volume.


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Wow, this is an interesting article. The part about Google's info on us really caught my attention.

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