Monday, February 16, 2009

GreenTech and DataCenters - Part 1

I have been absolutely inundated recently with stories about Green technology, environmental sustainability and the like. I don't want to turn this into a GreenTech blog, but obviously power, renewable energy and environmental sustainability are huge topics for the data center industry.

There are several items in the $787 Billion Economic Recovery Bill that would benefit renewable energy and GreenTech companies, including: $11 Billion for Smart Grids and $15 Billion in renewable energy tax incentives. Cnet's Green Tech also has a nice write-up on the Bill.

I have so many links piled up that I am going to spread them out over this week. Today I'll start with the site that got me thinking about all of this .... The Green and Virtual Data Center. It is an excellent site, and they also have a new book out. The list below is a mix of sites from their 'links' section, and links from my bookmarks that I found interesting

Greenly -- Exploring Greenovation 24/7/365

Carbon dioxide emissions calculator

Cassatt Power Savings Calculator

This one is a bit much (IMO), but.... Making Web Sites Green

EPA Tools and calculators

How much does Carbon Offsetting cost?

Planning for Energy Requirements: Dell's Data Center Capacity Planner

The Uptime Institute will host a 2009 IT Symposium: Lean, Clean and Green, April 13 - 16 in New York. Should be interesting.....

Up Next: What the big guys are up to: Cisco, Microsoft, Google, HP, IBM and others


MarkTC said...

Hi John

This is a great topic and the links provided were good, except I really wanted to review the "Green and Virtual Data Center" link and it didnt work! Do you have any posts talking about best practices in data centers for cooling and energy efficiency? I would be interested in reviewing those.

Mark - Technology Connection

John said...

Mark -- thanks for the catch, I have fixed the link to The Green and Virtual Data Center.

There are a few thousand papers, blog posts, etc. on cooling and energy efficiency; I'll see what I can dig up and post them.


Anonymous said...

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