Tuesday, June 02, 2009

North Carolina Passes Tax Code for Apple

Get ready for the shocking news... :) NC House passes tax code that could bring Apple data center. It seems like these mega data center announcements are pretty cookie-cutter as far as 'how' the deal goes down. Months and months of stealth mode, a "leak" of information, tax breaks written for data center "companies" and so on. The funny thing in this arstechnica article is that "the bill isn't tied to any particular company" and then a little later... "those conditions include investing $1 Billion dollars". :)

The Cliff Notes:
  1. $1 Billion data center
  2. 100 full time staff members initially
  3. up to $46 Million in tax credits over the next 10 years
  4. could save Apple $300 Million if the company operated the data center for 30 years

Check out the article here.

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