Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Paetec Data Center

Communications provider Paetec announced Thursday that they are opening an advanced data center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
"The 6,500 square feet of space available for customers includes the newest advancements in equipment with connectivity up to 10 Gbps, more energy efficient devices, higher cooling capacity to meet the increasingly powerful applications and a new Bi-Fuel power system providing redundant power generation fueled by conventional diesel, or a cleaner combination of diesel and natural gas. The center is also served by a diverse power grid, separate from New York City and Philadelphia, offering further resiliency in the event of a wide-scale brown-out or power outage in the area."
The press release mentiones Paetec's data center solutions -- at ; but I am unable to get a web page to resolve at that address. According to the site dropped off in late 2007. More information on hosting/colocation off of the Paetec web site can be found here.

UPDATE: Not sure if it was my connection or their site down last night --- is now resolving for me.


Anonymous said...

The site seems to come up fine at

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