Monday, January 04, 2010

Data Center Jobs

A number of 'data center' job openings have come up on my radar recently and so I went digging. Maybe the new year means new budgets and new initiatives to hire and fill data center jobs that the 2009 fiscal year just didn't allow. Maybe it's an indicator of a hot job market for the data center industry in 2010. Maybe I need to surf the web a little less and stop reading into things so much.

A nice trending tool for job searches can be found at - a job search engine. Check out this graph on job trends for postings containing "data center" in them.
One of the items that started my search for data center jobs was a number of openings for the Google facility in Belgium. There were at least 10 'data center' related postings on LinkedIn by Google just today. Three of them were for the Saint-Ghislain, Belgium location. I've been very intrigued by Googles Belgium location ever since the Chiller-less data center information was out and I really think the 'follow-the-moon' concept is interesting.

On Google's web site they list current engineering openings for the Council Bluffs, Iowa, North Carolina, Oregon and South Carolina locations. Here is the job trends search for Google:

One final graph of interest given the acquisition of Switch & Data by Equinix:


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jonhost said...

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IT Rush said...

Nice stats, any updates?

Unknown said...

Just curious if there is an update to these statistics over the past 6-12 months? My company specializes in data center management software, and we have had quite a few data center engineer jobs open up within our organization. Curious to see if this trend is continuing elsewhere.