Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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I’m back!

I think. I’ve wanted to start writing again on this blog for a while now - but just haven’t had (ok, found) the time. I guess 1,686 days is enough.

The data center industry has certainly changed since I started this blog in 2006. As I think about how I want to return to writing, my intention is to zoom out a little and cover the entire ecosystem that data centers are a key part of: Digital Infrastructure (DI). What is DI, where is DI, who innovates and who owns DI.

My goal in this is the same as before — to just to educate myself on the technology and innovation going on in the industry. I still enjoy the endless news feed of technology companies (operating in the data center), but I think I would just end up copying most things that Rich Miller does. 🙂


After pseudo-committing to blogging again, I wondered about what format would be best for doing this. I could still just do a straight blog (Blogger, WordPress…) or I could explore other formats like long tweet threads, Revue (tweets and small newsletter), or something like Medium or Substack. Maybe I’ll experiment a bit with each of these.

Here is a writing pipeline I am thinking of:

  1. Define digital infrastructure: what components and companies make up the ecosystem? How will it grow and what are the catalysts?
  2. Digital Infrastructure investment funds, public companies and ETFs. Who owns and who controls digital infrastructure?
  3. Spotlight / deep dive into companies like Digital Bridge, Equinix, Digital Realty, American Tower, Brookfield Infrastructure, etc.
  4. Site selection and types of data centers (Hyperscale, Colo, Edge, Crypto, under water, in a bunker, on a satellite, on the moon……..)
  5. Resources: I have a ton of places I visit online all too regularly, and can share:
    1. Sites I frequent for Digital Infrastructure news
    2. My Twitter lists (and my own Twitter account). 
    3. YouTube videos. I have a data center playlist that I’ll share.
    4. Maps. I am obsessed with maps and have so many bookmarks that I made them into a web page: http://jr.rath.ninja/maps/

For the three of you that may read this post and have comments or suggestions on things to cover - please let me know. I’ll procrastinate each of them in the order received.



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