Monday, May 12, 2008

Terremark in the News

Terremark has been in the news again recently. On Friday, APCON (maker of matrix switches) announced that Terremark had purchased a 20 switch license of TITAN software for managing APCON switches.

Earlier this morning Cisco announced that Terremark's Infinistructure (TM) Utility Computing platform is using the Cisco Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) architecture.
"Terremark's Infinistructure platform is a true utility-computing solution designed to solve both the economic and capacity-on-demand shortcomings of traditional infrastructure. Infinistructure's enterprise-class server and storage infrastructure combines Terremark's proprietary digitalOps® service-management platform with leading-edge virtualization technology from Cisco and other companies, providing a highly scalable and flexible high-performance computing platform."
Terremark's NAP of the Americas facilities use a wide range of Cisco products, from ASA's to Catalyst 6500's, and MDS switches.
Check out the CNN Money article here
and the Cisco press release here

I have started to watch Terrermark a little closer over the last few years. I almost forgot that they acquired Data Return this time last year. They placed in the 2008 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting and the report had some very positive things to say about them. For instance, they are known for their well engineered solutions and support. I still get a kick out of their Capital Region NAP having DoD-trained anti-terrorism personnel on staff. I think that is the course I need to attend so I can have it on my resume. :)

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