Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Links

Lots of little things that I thought I would quickly blog about..... data center news has been pretty heavy lately and I'm just catching up.

  • My data center stock index was up today almost a whole dollar from the previous day. I started it back in October, so I thought I would finally make a graph just to show the ride it has taken since then. It closed today at $19.48.

  • This is a month old now, but I still found it pretty interesting -- "Why IT Colocation Centers will see a boom in 2009 despite the Macroeconomy".
  • Anyone looking for a project plan for building a data center -- here is a good read, plus a benchmark against one of the best: Digital Realty Trust.
  • I was pretty bummed about the news that Microsoft is postponing the West Des Moines data center. However.... it is just 'postponing' it, not scrapping it. I guess we'll just have to be patient.
  • Finally -- I thought I would share a bit of humor -- as a fan of The Matrix trilogy, I thought this video was pretty funny: The Matrix Runs on Windows


zen kishimoto said...

The link to ""Why IT Colocation Centers will see a boom in 2009 despite the Macroeconomy". is broken. I found an alternate place for the link as in:

Might want to re-link.....Zen

Anonymous said...

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