Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dell Data Center Solutions

Dell announced today that they have created a new division that will focus on designing customized data centers for companies. They will extend their build-to-order business to accommodate the large-scale server farms. Their target market is large web-based companies and hyperscale data centers of the business world.

I must be getting old, because this is yet another one I just don't get. It sounds like they are basically offering customization tools and guidance for those companies buying $2 gazillion in Dell product or more. If you are a large company making a mega-purchase of Dell servers, I would certainly hope you have an inkling of what/why you are buying and some sort of architecture to support it! The only other take on it is that Dell is just inching its way into consulting and business services, and what better place to start than where all of the money is.

Check out the ComputerWorld article here.

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