Monday, March 05, 2007

What's After Yottabyte?

What comes after a Yottabyte? According to a recent IDC study we'll have 601 exabytes (available) in the year 2010. Closing in on 1 zetabyte generated in 2010, the yottabye is all that is left! The study, sponsored by EMC, claims that the world stores 161 exabytes as of last year, with each file replicated 3 times. The Business week article quotes EMC Vice President of Technology Alliances Chuck Hollis, who happens to be on my favorites list for blogs I read.

Check out the details of the IDC study discussed here at Business Week.

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Pétur Eyþórsson said...

There isn´t agreement on what comes next.

There are some myths (proposals) for the next 3 and they are in correct order.

Nisababyte (geobyte)

These names are not standard and should not be considerd as a fact, there will probaly be made a desision on these matter within the next 5 years. so stay tuned.