Thursday, May 22, 2008

This week in Storage 05.22.08

There was a lot of news in the storage industry this week. Here are just some of the items coming across my screen:
  • Reldata offers a DR solution for Fiber Channel SAN. It "replicates FC SAN data to a remote IP SAN without disrupting existing production environment". The Reldata 9240 Unified Storage Gateway can be used for either local or WAN replication. I plan to do some posts on WAN replication, WAN optimization, WAN accelerators, etc.... in the near future. I think the whole cloud computing movement will accelerate this market pretty fast.
  • Content storage software provider Caringo has a couple of new press releases: Their CAStor software was selected by CMWare to be the primary storage solution behind skyTuneZ. They also have a brief interview that talks about Caringo taking on IBRIX and Isilon.
  • Web2Storage Corporation announced the general availability of its Web2Drive software. Their software allows "Windows Vista users secure, remote, and seemingly local access to their data at home or from anywhere with Internet access."

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