Saturday, June 23, 2007

50% Reduction of Energy to Cool a Data Center

"A former defense scientist has figured out how to use satellite technology to cool data centers and he has reported unprecedented results."

Details are yet to come, but Microway CTO Stephen Fried claims his system reduces the amount of energy required to cool data centers up to 50%.

Interesting article....

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Anthony Cresap said...

That is definitely interesting. I wonder how long it will take before it hits the street. I also continue to wonder about green roofing for data centers and how much of a difference that can make in the final calculus for energy usage. Green roofs can make a huge difference. I recently saw a very prominent Victorian/ Edwardian era Wells Fargo office building in San Francisco that has what seems to be an advanced "mini-forest" on its roof. I thought I read somewhere IBM is considering installing that type of roof on one of its existing centers during a retrofit. Of course, this could also mean competition for solar panels.