Friday, November 03, 2006

DC in a Box, Part 2

I haven't written in a while -- between Halloween, doing my best to ignore political ads and a lot of things going on at work there just hasn't been time. Rich Miller has certainly had a lot of good articles to keep me up to speed on the industry. :)

I ran across this article though that brought up the Sun data center in a box solution again. I am going to stick with my original convictions, however I found the points raised interesting and at least something to think about. I am trying to picture RV-like camps throughout america where you drop your container, select how much bandwidth and power you want and just let it run.

I think Sun has certainly made some good products in the past and I'm not ready to write this one off yet. Sun is definately on the right track with power efficiencies in their new servers.

Anyway....check out the blog post here.

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