Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Perfect DC story link!

I was happy to run across an article that combined news about a data center and my favorite sports team.

I have to take a moment and gloat that 'my' St. Louis Cardinals are 2006 WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still in shock after having a small nervous-breakdown watching the team win. :) return to my data center location selection tangent, I found it interesting that the Cards selected a DC in Tampa, FL of all places to host! First of all I kind of figured that had a pretty tight grip on where sites were hosted since they seem to control all content on mlb teams. Second observation is that a lot of other professional sports teams seem to host with E Solutions in Tampa.

So I'll make the offer -- if the Cards want to host their server(s) with the company I work for, just let me know (I'll throw in free reboots and remote hands services) :)

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