Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Over the Thanksgiving break I caught up a little on reading my magazines. I read this article in Business Week about Jeff Bezos and Amazon. I have tracked Amazon for quite a while and am thoroughly intrigued by Jeff Bezos. A lot of times it is the idea that sounds absolutely ludicrous that ends up being revolutionary. Jeff demonstrated this the first time around with the online bookstore / marketplace and I (personally) think he is in line to do it again.

The article explains all of the new services that Amazon is coming out with and the associated risk with doing it. It seems kind of silly to mention what the stock market analysts think of his ideas because I really don't believe they have the technological foresight to understand his genius.

Now.... I am not totally naive on this and believe everything he does is pure gold, but I do think he is going to be a market leader in a lot more than online retail in the years to come. I love the S3 service and the ECC is my current research interest.

Their Alexa search engine certainly has a following, but has not achieved the popularity I imagine they hoped for. As I was surfing tonight I ran across this article at Netcraft explaining some performance problems that Alexa ran in to.

Anyway.... for anyone curious, here are some links to the EaaS (everything as a service) services at Amazon.

Mechanical Turk

Risky? Yes, but if I had bet on risky ideas, I would bet with Jeff Bezos!

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