Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Surfing

I've found several good things while surfing today that I thought I would share:

1. Motley Fool has an interesting article from a financial perspective on Equinix and their similarities to the old Exodus.

2. Chuck Hollis has an interesting blog article on Netapp. I've always liked the Netapp products, but have recently had an un-easy feeling about them for reasons unknown. I think his blog post might have brought those unknowns to light. I thought it was a very good post and worth the read. Please note that Chuck is an EMC employee, but for the most part keeps a pretty good perspective on the post.

3. While on the topic of storage -- I've run across a company (new to me) that I like. I haven't researched them a lot, but plan on doing so. They have a pretty unique approach to storage and storage solutions. The company is Compellent.

4. Elk River Minnesota started the "energy pitch" back in 1997. It's an attractive place for companies needing cheap or alternative power to consider relocating to (i.e.: Data Centers :)

5. I don't think this is anything 'brand new', but I was reading a good article at ZD Net blogs on HP's Dynamic Smart Cooling. It is a good read with a link out to a HP video.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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