Friday, December 29, 2006

Internap Stock

I've always wanted to dabble a little in buying stocks, but have just never had 'that' much money that I was not bothered with throwing it away. The best advice for investing in stocks is to only put in what you can afford to loose. :) I would always want to invest in the tech companies that I knew a little about. I really wanted to buy SGI stock when it was 38 cents ( I didn't), and then they declared bankruptcy.

Anyway, I have another tech company that I sure think would be a good investment and it is one that I am familiar with and use! It was nice to see this report at Envoy Global that backed up my thoughts on Internap.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. If I had some money to burn on a tech stock, I'd probably buy some AAPL... but the logic in the linked article is pretty sound. At Forty Cents a share, and a market on an upswing, it is a pretty safe bet. Plus, if you're wrong and it tanks, you don't loose much!

I will say though that INAP has a track record that is scary to see. Their "magic routing black box PNAP" thing is just so much Marketing BS in my opinion. They are just another colo and access provider really. (Mind you they are still standing, which is more than you can say for a lot.) They also made the survival move of practically GIVING AWAY space in their facilities during the bad days... I know because I worked for a competitor back then (still do) and we lost sales to them at some insane under-market prices. I know that here in Seattle they are near, or at capacity at Fisher and have no power or space to sell to current customers. Additionally they lack the HVAC and power capacity to fill the floor there are the density their current customers want. As such a lot of them are shopping around.If the story is repeating in other markets the short-term rosy outlook may be just that... short term. Finally the outages at Fisher have been a huge black eye for INAP and other providers there.

That said, I may hop on the stock for a short ride though.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been looking to break into the IT world for a few months. I’ve just finished school and have started looking for a job. I have extensive knowledge of all the database tools that are out there and have worked on smaller networks helping to improve application availability. I’ve been advised to start small as larger networks can be quite imposing but I don’t care either way is fine with me.

What I really want to work more with is data center automation. Automation is really exciting to me as I know it is with many other people. If I go to work for someone with a smaller network I’m afraid they won’t work with IT automation to much since I see it more with larger businesses. I guess in the end all that matters is I work for a company that provides excellent IT service.