Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Arizona Solar Power Plant

A while back we learned of web hosting company Aiso being the first 100% solar powered hosting company. They have pretty low power needs - but imagine what you could do with 280 megawatts for your data center!

A huge solar plant, named Solana is a joint venture/contract between Abengoa Solar and Arizona Public Service Company and has a build cost of $1 Billion. The 1900 acre will be 70 miles south west of Phoenix and has an projected capacity of 280 megawatts. What's a story like this without mention of tax breaks...? :) The project will be completed by 2011 - but only if Congress renews the clean energy tax credit set to expire at the end of 2008. This bill allows ~$18 Billion in tax breaks for renewable energies.

The article doesn't mention data centers - but I just wanted to post about it ; I have a larger post brewing about renewable energy technologies available to data centers and thought I would mention this enormous solar plant. Plus -- Iowa Governor Chet Culver recently set out plans for renewable energy goals in Iowa. More on that later...

Here is the link about the Solana solar plant.

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