Thursday, February 14, 2008

Iowa Tax Break Offering To Lure Microsoft Data Center

As we did with the Google deal, Iowa has sweetened the deal for Microsoft to build a data center here. The Iowa House voted 99-1 (HF 2233) in favor of giving tax breaks to Microsoft in order to lure them to the state. You can read the rest of the details in the Des Moines Register article, but I wanted to say a big thank you to Republican Christopher Rants for the for this:
House Minority Leader Christopher Rants, a Sioux City Republican, voted for the bill but also requested that lawmakers look at what can be done to help smaller companies, many that already exist in Iowa.
It's nice to see someone looking out for ALL business in the state and not just the mega million deals and companies like Google and Microsoft.

Check out the Des Moines Register article here
and a Forbes article here

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