Thursday, February 14, 2008

Data Center Directions Virtual Conference

I just happened to check my e-mail at the right time today. I received a reminder of the CIO/CSO/Computerworld virtual conference that would be going on throughout the day today. I was pretty skeptical, but it was lunch time so I figured I would give it a shot. The virtual tradeshow software they are using has come a LONG way -- this was very cool.

They had a networking hub with people from all over the world talking, an expo floor with give-aways, brochures and the ability to see what other people/avatars were at the particular booth. I ventured over to the auditorium and browsed through the presentations that were scheduled. I attended one called Dream Big: Your next data center. It was interesting and I jotted down a few notes of interest:

  • Barbara Bartell - VP of Information Services, Maximus;
    • She pointed out the 8 critical skills for the data center:
      • Risk Management
      • Environmental Engineering
      • Capacity Planning
      • Systems Administration
      • System Engineering
      • Networking
      • Backup Strategies
      • Awareness of business needs.
    • A poll during her part:
      • Is a new data center or major revamp planned for this year?
        • 56.8% Yes
        • 43.1% No
    • Aaron Wangenheim - President, Base Partners
      • Discussed the power plants that had coal contracts - when those expire and aren't renewed -- what are their plans for renewable energy?
      • He mentioned that he had heard of a large black box project in Chicago.
      • He discussed raised floor pros/cons. He suggests NOT using raised floor when designing the data center. Hey Goolsbee -- preaching to the choir, huh?!
    • Robert Mcfarlane - Interport division president, Shen,Milson & Wilke, Inc.
      • bad metric -- watts/sq.ft. ; this results in grossly over-designing
      • use watts/cabinet footprint instead for a metric.

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