Friday, March 21, 2008

Cloud Storage: Nirvanix and 3Tera Partner

I'm still not sold on the term "cloud" anything....maybe I just need to warm up to it, but that's for another post.

Today Cloud Storage provider Nirvanix announced a partnership with Utility Computing company 3Tera. The partnership includes offering global distributed storage, content distribution and remote backup capabilities to web developers. 3Tera's Applogic catalog will have the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network(SDN) added.
“This solution blends together the best of both worlds, Utility Computing and Cloud Storage,” said Jonathan Buckley, Chief Marketing Officer for Nirvanix. “The two companies are coming together to address a very real problem for their customer: How to complement the simplicity and automation of a robust Utility Computing platform, with a cost-disruptive, yet most-reliable layer of data protection based on Cloud Storage.”
This sounds like a pretty good step for both companies. Check out the press release here

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