Monday, March 24, 2008

USSHC Announces EColo Program

USSHC announced "EColo" today - their new program to allow customers to offset the energy needed to run their systems with renewable energy. For every customer that enrolls in the Ecolo program, USSHC will in turn buy the equivalent amount of renewable energy from Alliant Energy. This exchange is a part of Alliant's Second Nature Program.

"Alliant Energy's Second Nature program allows us to be a catalyst for change in the data center colocation industry," said Isaac Helgens, Project Director for USSHC. "No other program allows us to make an impact so quickly without making major changes to processes in place. We are able to able to reduce our ecological footprint and in doing so give our customers a more efficient alternative.
Check out the EColo (pronounced ECHO-low) program here
and the press release here.

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