Sunday, March 30, 2008

Data Center World - Twitter

As I get ready for Data Center World this week, I thought I would try something new. The conference always gives me good thoughts to blog on and why not try an experiment to capture those thoughts.

I am a big fan of the TWiT Newtork of podcasts and Leo Laporte. They frequently mention Twitter and how they follow people via the tool. My usual reaction is - jeeesh, people, get a life! Other than teens trying to keep up with their friends, rather than, oh I don't know -- GOING OUTSIDE and talk to them in person..... this site/tool seems like a big waste of time. However, I 'suppose' their is some value in it and it really is just like a personal chat room or sending an instant message to anyone that wants to listen. To that extent - I'm going to try and post updates about the conference via my Twitter account.

I may just be talking to myself - but that is nothing new. :)
To follow me (this week anyway) at the conference -- click here

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