Thursday, November 16, 2006

Perot Systems Opens New Data Center

I like to link to articles on new data centers that aren't on either coasts or in Texas/Florida. This will be the first one I have heard of (lately) in Kentucky! You probably figure it is some small company you have never heard of, but it is IT giant Perot Systems. The Dallas Business Journal reports on the new 24,000 square foot center to be built in Florence, Kentucky.

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sysadmn said...

Florence, KY may sound like the end of the universe, but the location makes a lot of sense. It's just across the river from Cincinnati, and Perot just won a big, long term outsourcing contract. FWIW, Florence is closer to Cincinnati's airport than Cincinnati! Look for the center to start courting other area companies - Toyota, P&G, and GE all have large contingents, and a host of lesser known companies (Sara Lee, Western & Southern Insurance, American Financial) have a large IT presence.