Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Data Center Architect

I like the sound of that....... "Data Center Architect". Just like when Woody was promoted to "Senior Bartender" on Cheers. :) has a nice article on the increasing popularity of the title of Data Center Architect within a company. Confirmation of this trend comes from both Nemertes Research and Afcom founder Len Eckhaus.

It is a nice article, and I have to agree with what is being said regarding the position, it's role in the organization and the holistic approach to data center architecture, design and operations. The one thing I felt was missing from each of the descriptions was to include the requirement of knowing ITIL processes. I think all of the things they mentioned are extremely good to have, but having a good base knowledge of ITIL guidelines is equally essential.

Check out the article here.

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Anonymous said...

Architect: 1. (noun) someone who builds or designs buildings
2. (noun) one that originates or institutes

In this case the term is being used in a mostly appropriate fashion. It fails to encompass the real true nature of the position in a datacenter context, which is management and maintenance. CREATING a datacenter is merely the first step. Keeping it running well, maintaining uptime, satisfying changing needs and solving day to day problems. THAT is where the real value lies, and "Architects" by definition don't do those things.

Unfortunately the word is also losing value due to rampant abuse, so to be honest I'd refuse the title if somebody offered it to me... unless of course I started earning a living designing buildings and joined ther AIA.

At the risk of being tagged as a Grammar Nazi, it grates on my nerves every time I see of hear it being used as a verb. An Architect designs, creates, plans, etc, but Architects to not "architect" things.

"Design" is a noble term for a noble act, use it. "Architect" is a noble term for a person who designs things, don't abuse it.