Monday, April 09, 2007

Guessing the next Google Data Center Location

It's kind of fun to speculate where the next mega-Google data center might pop up. Perhaps better yet is figuring exactly how many of these sites they will end up building!

Blaine Berger thinks that Wheatland Wyoming will be the next site selected. With a 3 unit power plant, each unit capable of 550 megawatts, and low electricity costs - it is easy to see why there is a possibility. Wheatland is an hour north of Cheyenne, who recently won a $60 million project for the new National Center for Atmospheric Research supercomputing data center.

Read Blaine's blog post about Wheatland here and if you are wondering where exactly Wheatland is, click here.


Anonymous said...

well I know about the one in Berkeley County, South Carolina. I just heard a rumor about Council Bluffs, IA. Anyone hear anything about that?

Anonymous said...

What about Quincy WA. I keep hearing rumors about Google, if thats the case it will make 6 new data centers in central Washington.