Saturday, April 14, 2007

Google Data Center in Iowa ??!!!

The Omaha World Herald has an article about speculation on a large project (i.e.: Google) in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I had to read the article a few times before I could stop grinning. :) Here are the indicators that it could be Google:
  • Typical salaries of $60,000, quoted by the city councilman
  • Inexpensive land and labor compared with the rest of the country.
  • The potential Bluffs site is near several electrical grids
  • The metro area has a large network of fiber-optic cables, which came with Offutt Air Force base.
  • Talks with the local water works about dramatically increasing the amount of water available for the site
  • Omaha was on one of the recent Boyd study lists
  • Potential $48 million in rebates available
  • There is a lot of secrecy and security surrounding the "large project"

The last one I'll offer is a reply received to my post on Guessing the Next Google Data Center Location: an anonymous reader asked if I had heard about Council Bluffs as a potential site. Dear anonymous -- I have now!

Now -- this is all speculation, and who knows what may or may not end up happening. Either way, I'm anxious to see where the next Google site will be.

Check out the Omaha World Herald article here

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