Tuesday, July 24, 2007

365 Main Power Outage!

365 Main apparently lost power today. Tens of thousands of PG&E customers in San Francisco were down Tuesday afternoon, starting around 2pm and service restored around 4pm.
"The problem began when breakers in the utility's transmission service opened for an unknown reason, Chiu said. Every time workers attempted to close those breakers to restore service, it caused voltage fluctuations -- high and low flows of electricity through the system -- that impacted PG&E's Martin Substation in Daly City, she said"

365 Main, host to Craig's List, Yelp, Technorati, Six Apart properties and others were affected. The shocker was that the facility 'lost' power, and generators were not reported working until 45 minutes later!

I think this will easily be a case study for the industry with whatever went wrong at the facility that the generators did not come on. I only hope 365 Main explains what happened. Maybe the aforementioned sites may also learn to load balance across multiple data center sites as well. :)

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