Tuesday, July 10, 2007

nVidea Data Center Tour

Here is a cool video of the nVidea data center in Santa Clara.

Joe Sura (VP Information Systems) certainly has a nice setup.

I still, however, love the Lucas Arts DC tour that Cnet did a while back. Check it out here

P.S.: I was listening to a podcast that interviewed Jonathan Schwartz and he was mentioning how putting images or video in a blog post increased traffic. :)


Anonymous said...

It is true! These days if one hopes to improve application availability then you really have to take network automation seriously. Most networks run and handle multiple business software applications which are all heavy on resources. If your network isn’t able to keep up then I’d recommend taking a peek at the automation solutions that are out there.

Having an automated network will allow you to shift the focus of your IT workforce. You’ll no longer have to dedicate a small team to patch application problems all day and can have them help with more pressing issues. Only a fool today would tell you that something like run book automation is a waste of time. RBA has really helped us out in my office and it opened up the door for more automation which in turn has made us a more cost effective and efficient team of IT professionals.

Anonymous said...

With the implementation of new automation tools the network I work with has really taken off and improved. Ever since the company introduced a new set of business software applications for it’s clients the network’s performance has been less than stellar, to say the least. We are now in a rush to find solutions that will allow us to improve application availability throughout the network.

Fighting patches, crashes and bugs are all part of the IT service industry however I’d prefer them to be there in a much smaller capacity. It is through network automation that this has been achieved. It is also going to allow us to focus our efforts on programming and improvements for software updates rather than patching all day. Automation is the way to go!