Friday, July 27, 2007

Virtualization Follow-up

Just a couple of things I wanted to write about as a follow-up on my post a while ago on Virtualization (man, this is one, hot topic)

  • Unless you have been under a rock, you have heard about "Data Center 3.0" from Cisco. BTW: I thought Tim O'Reilly was the only one that could coin a term like that. :) Anyway, this is one seriously cool product that I plan on reading up on soon. To top things off, they then turn around and invest $150 million in VMWare!

  • One seriously cool company I forgot to mention in my Virtualization post was Platespin. It's best just to check out their site and product offering, but they summarize their offering as "Anywhere to anywhere workload portability and protection". Since I made a wild guess about Opsware being bought, I would like to say that Platespin sure seems ripe for the picking ....... by......umm....BMC (yeah, that's it)

  • Microsoft Cloud OS: This isn't really virtualization - but I'm going to throw it in because it is kind of cool. Cnet has a good article on the next Microsoft developer platform where they plan to open it all up to the public. "Microsoft plans to open up much of the technology that powers Windows Live as well as the underlying infrastructure." Check out the Cnet article here.

  • OK -- I saved the best for last. I'll start with a quote that I really like: "future of IT is being defined on the Internet". Granted, it is a little basic for a cool quote, but read this Web Hosting Talk article and you'll see why it is inspiring. The quote is from Barry Lynn of 3Tera. 3Tera and Layered Technologies teamed to build a virtual private data center (grid), composed of 443 CPUs, 920GB RAM, and 47 terabytes of storage. They allow you to easily scale your product/site/application because they have infrastructure over many data centers and 'they' worry about the infrastructure, not you. It is a step closer to a true utility computing model and think what you want...."I" think it is the way of the future.

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