Wednesday, July 18, 2007

GDCM Signs Storm Technologies as a Reseller

Storm Technologies, a specialist computer reseller has signed up to sell Global Data Center Management's flagship product, nlyte.

Nylte is a comprehensive data center management, automation and intelligence application.

"John Brooker, Managing Director, Storm Technologies commented: “By partnering with GDCM, we’re able to provide real efficiency gains to our customers. We chose nlyte, above any other tool on the market, because of it's proven ability to reduce costs within the data center as well as reducing power and cooling, enabling our customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

I'll have to admit that I had heard of UK based GDCM, but did not really know too much about the company or software. There is a lot of good marketing swag on their site, but I think the one that wrapped it up nicely for me was:

"GDCM underpins the next generation of datacenter management, enabling complete audit, mapping, optimisation and control of global datacenter assets"
They claim that nlyte is designed to optimize utilization across power, cooling, space and connectivity restraints. The press release states that clients have a 16% reduction in power requirements, which, if repeated across the world would "equate to a reduction of up to 96,000,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide production per year."

Check out the press release here

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