Monday, April 28, 2008

Network Congestion

I wish someone would hurry up and invent the Star Trek teleporter. :) I would like to be at work, in Vegas (Interop), and in Dallas (Broadband Properties Summit) all at once. Check out the Best of Interop Finalists here.

I was reading James Carlini today, at, and he had an interesting article that pointed me to the BroadBand Properties Summit '08. James is delivering a keynote at the event and previewed his speech with the article "AT&T: Will World Butt Up Against Internet’s Physical Capacity By 2010?". It is a good article and worth the read. It also reminded me of a good podcast I finished recently that I wanted to link to. Listen to Security Now, episode 139 - Network Congestion.

More on Interop as the week progresses -- the 'best of' finalists are some interesting companies worth researching.

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Anonymous said...

It was odd for me putting the NExus 7000 in the IT Infrastructure category, and not in the Data Center one, but the judges reserve the right to do some moves.

Am happy to see our WAAS and the Nexus win in their respective categories though.