Monday, April 07, 2008

Verari Systems StorageServer

The one company I didn't get to spend much time with at Data Center World was Verari Systems. Since they had released their version of the data center container a while back I was naturally interested. The FOREST Container stands for Flexible, Open, Reliable, Energy Efficient, Scalable and Transportable. Maybe this is what Microsoft is using in their Northlake facility?

The FOREST container can house servers in standard form factor or the Verari Blade Systems form. Today, from Storage Networking World in Orlando, they announced their first high capacity blade-based NAS and iSCSI Storage appliance. "The SB5165XL StorageServer™ combines unified NAS and iSCSI SAN storage networking functionality and a comprehensive feature-set with appliance-like manageability."

A single "platform" can deliver up to 576 terabytes of storage in two floor tiles, while use of the StorageServer in a FOREST container can provide up to 12 petabytes of capacity. So.....if Microsoft has 220 containers on the first floor of their Northlake facility, and if half of those are dedicated to storage - they could potentially have 1.32 exabytes of storage!

Check out the press release here


Anonymous said...

Microsofts container datacentre (C-Blox) is not based on FOREST nor the Sun MD S20. They've built something out themselves.

Unknown said...

According to Microsoft they are Verari Systems FOREST containers.!369B39F890CE30C1!917.entry